Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vimly Creator Platform work?


  • Sign up for a Creator Account (your creator account is different from Vimly.TV account).
  • Upload and select the appropriate category for your video so we can match you with the best paying video Ad Partners.
  • Once video is ready, you will get an embed code that you can paste in your website.

You also have the option to share your video on VIMLY.TV - an online TV network of best original videos made by awesome creators like you! 

Videos on Vimly.TV are reviewed by our human team, we only feature the best of the best. We'll review your content and will let you know once its approved!
How to increase your chances of being featured on

Why should I join Vimly?

We are a brand new platform with a mission to boost the digital entertainment economy and make the lives of independent creators easier. 
Enjoy the following creator benefits that you can't get from other video platforms:
1.  Free Video Hosting
2. Higher revenue share
3. Better Ad fill rates and No Skip Ad button players to maximize your earnings.
4.  Your own branded player when you embed your video on another website.
5. Get featured on Vimly.TV, increase your audience and your earnings through our premium ad partners.

How do I earn money?

Each videos uploaded on Vimly are matched up with our high paying ad partners. 

Your earnings are based on a share of ad revenue generated when people view your video - so more views may lead to higher earnings.

Go to your dashboard to see your earnings and statistics in real-time.  

Why should I post my videos on Vimly.TV when I already have a following on another video platform?

On Vimly.TV, we promote your videos and attract new audiences which will in turn increase your ad earnings. We are also partnering with big publishers and premium advertisers to help you earn more cash.

I'd like my videos to be posted on Vimly.TV, why do I have to wait for approval?

We only feature compelling, original content on Vimly.TV.
Each content will be reviewed by our team and if it meets our criteria, you will receive a notification that your video is approved.

How do I get paid?

Vimly can pay you by check, PayPal or direct deposit.